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Providing life changing resources and opportunities to the shelterless and less fortunate.
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GLAS Angels’ vision is to provide

Economic Mobility

Generational Change

Personal Fulfillment

Not everyone
starts life at the same place.

In metro Atlanta, thousands of people find themselves stuck in a dependency created culture that strips them of dignity, freedom, and hope of a different kind of future.

This reality is a BIG PROBLEM!

Financial resources are insufficient for a family to survive.

Families have no plan for a life of independence and freedom.

As children grow, they continue the only life they have ever known.

Life for them can be different today and tomorrow!

Necessary support we provide...

Economic Mobility

Learning to manage finances is a skill that can be learned.

Personal Fulfillment

Discovering a path to a successful career that provides for a family brings dignity, freedom, and hope everyday.

Vision for the next generation

A stable home, a solid education, and clear plan for a future transforms their community.

#1 The need is BIG!

1 out of 7 families in Georgia live below the poverty line. That is 14% of 10.8 million people, 560,000 families or 1.5 million persons. We want to do our part to change that.

#2 Our vision is BIGGER!

Since 2015, we have been pursuing the right plan for finances and a platform to move families out of a life of dependence and into freedom and hope.

#3 BRIDGE the GAP!

Together, we’ll establish awareness to those who need this and funds to move farther faster.

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