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Founded in 2015, G.L.A.S Angels, Inc. is a 501 ©(3) non-profit organization whose primary focus is to “Give Love, Awareness, and Support” to those who are not yet financially secure.

We accomplish our goal with the help of volunteers who contribute donations, spiritual encouragement, counseling, and financial development.

Everyone deserves a good life and we want to be the catalyst and the bridge to make sure that statement becomes a reality to anyone we come in contact with. We will shift mindsets, clothe millions, and employ billions, while making everyone feel important and loved through G.L.A.S Angels.

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The vision of GLAS Angels
Do Not Pass By A Man In Need. For You May Be The Hand Of God To Him ​​Proverbs 3:27

LaShawn Baker

Meet Our Founder

GLAS Angels
Give, Love, Awareness, Support

We provide a wide range of services to meet even the most daring requirements.
Founded in 2015 by LaShawn Baker, G.L.A.S Angels, Inc. is a 501 ©(3) non-profit organization that provides essential life resources and opportunities that inspire people to step outside their circumstances and pursue a better life for themselves and their family. Experiencing a life of financial stability and personal fulfillment leads to a vision of a bright future for the next generation.

I was born in Detroit, Michigan, a city with a deep history and a constant buzz of energy. Growing up in that environment taught me to be tough and to fight for what I believe in. My birth parents struggled with addiction, and as a result, I was left with my mom who raised and provided for me. My story is similar to Moses in that I was shipped off to a new life and landed in a family fortunate enough to have a relationship with God. I credit this foundation for my success and am grateful that I was able to learn about faith and spirituality at a young age.

At the age of 14, my mom married and my dad moved us to Atlanta, Georgia. It was an entirely different world for me, one that I wasn’t quite prepared for. But living in Atlanta taught me about adulthood and what it takes to succeed on your own. Being that it was such a different environment from Detroit, Atlanta forced me outside of my comfort zone. This was a blessing in disguise, as it allowed me to grow exponentially as a person.

Throughout my younger years, I struggled to make the right choices. I was rebellious and didn’t fully understand the weight of my actions. I made mistakes that could have easily derailed my future. But thankfully, I was blessed with a family who has a strong faith in God and they were always there to pray over me and help guide me back onto the right path.

My experiences have always left me with a burning desire to help those who may have missed a step. I understand the importance of having a strong foundation to build confidence and to avoid the pitfalls of life. I have never forgotten the times where I needed help and thus have resources and tools to share with those who need them. I want to be a beacon of light and hope for those who may be struggling.

One of my proudest moments was starting my first business, a nonprofit, back in 2015. This allowed me to give away valuable goods and to empower, encourage, and remind others that God loves us, despite our imperfections. I believe that my imperfections are what make me unique, and I want to share this with others.

My goal is to uplift the community in any way possible. I want to inspire people to come together and unite, regardless of our differences. I have faith that we can all come together, help each other, and become stronger as a result.

In conclusion, I am a God-fearing vessel and am grateful for my experiences. They have taught me about life, love, and what it means to be human. I hope to share these lessons with as many people as possible, in the hopes of creating a brighter and more united future.

Our Vision

​​Favorably, G.L.A.S Angels, Inc. and its program will help those connect the dots to their once seemingly immeasurable tasks. We want to inspire individuals of all ages and walks of life that they can be victorious spiritually, mentally, physically, and financially. We invite you to join us on our mission to improve the lives of those who need it most. With the right attitude, and a bit of support, our dreams can and will be realized.

Our Mission

Our Inspiring Mission

​Our mission is simple:

To help those in need. In order for those we encounter to evolve into self-sufficient members of their communities, G.L.A.S Angels Inc. extends a helping hand through our countless initiatives and good deeds. Our mentorship program introduces adults back into society after hardship, homelessness, or incarceration with confidence and clarity. Our youth are mentored as well through positive leadership, sports, and emphasis on education. The objective is to leave no group behind. Anyone with a need will be helped to the best of our ability. We invite you to come join us in this beautiful cause.

Core Values

We like to think of G.L.A.S Angels as The Mighty Oak Tree that stands tall and firm for our community. A place where people can look back and say, I don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t for G.L.A.S. Angels.

The Oak Tree is the visible symbol of who we are, but the invisible roots are the core values that sustain and support G.L.A.S. Angels. Our society, government, and community is constantly changing, but our core values must be deeply rooted so that we do not topple in a storm.

These core values represent what we believe in, what we stand for, and how we interact with one another.


Integrity is the foundation that keeps us together. It is demonstrated through our leadership decisions, community interactions, and personal conduct within and outside the organization.


We are committed to being a positive model in the community with the hopes of motivation and encouraging others to support our community and spread awareness across the globe.


We are confident that all persons deserve support and encouragement to explore, develop, and identify who they are. We are confident that doing life together with G.L.A.S Angels correlates to a person finding strength and confidence in themselves.


Perseverance  is working hard, being patient, and confronting setbacks with a positive attitude. G.L.A.S. Angels is committed to being the voice for our community by carrying out our vision in spite of obstacles. “It’s easy to give up at trying moments, but it pays so much when you continue in faith.”


We carefully manage resources provided to us
through our donors and sponsors.
​Our goal is to develop and strengthen lasting relationships with our sponsors.


“You should love your neighbor as yourself.” We are an organization that is driven by unconditional love.
​We display authentic love, respect, and kindness to families and individuals in our community through our actions.

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